6 Insane Problems Olim Chadashim Find When Moving To Israel

Having the right preparations will help you avoid trouble when making Aliyah

Up until now, we’ve been giving you tips and advice on how to make the best out of your journey to Israel. Many people might dismiss what we do as something that’s not really needed and that the problems Aliyah Paveway solves are just “exaggeration”. Well, are they?

You’d be surprised to know the many things that could go wrong when an Oleh comes to Israel and wonder how come something like Aliyah Paveway wasn’t founded way before. It’s not to brag about ourselves, it’s just to give you an accurate picture of reality.

The following examples are real problems that may arise when Olim Chadashim move to Israel and don’t take care of them. They usually happen because the Oleh doesn’t have the required support to prevent simple tasks from becoming real headaches. These are just a few examples of the shocking things that can happen to Olim Chadashim, and so, without delays…

The Oleh didn’t move the bill’s name to the new tenant

If you are moving out of a rented apartment, it’s your responsibility to make sure the bill goes to the new tenant. When you go inside the apartment from the first time, make sure to take a picture of all the meters (gas, water and electricity) so that you know from which point you need to start paying. If you don’t, there’s a big chance people will not bother, and you will incur charges in your name! Of course, most of the people on the other side will understand the situation and make amends, but why not avoid this in the first place?

Not setting up Arnona on time and incurring a forced charge

Arnona is the property tax every person has to pay to live in Israel. It doesn’t matter if it’s your own house or a rented place, this is the responsibility of the person living inside. If you don’t set up a credit card or give checks for a periodic charge, the bill will accumulate (and incur interest) until one fine day you see a massive charge in your bank account. This is because the bank was given instructions by the government to take all the money due for Arnona and can come after a few warnings.

Overpaying for services, or paying for services you didn’t order

This is a classic. Sometimes, if you are unlucky, the delivery man or someone else related, will try to sell you insurance or other services for the things you buy. It could be furniture, appliances or any other product. This is a scam and chances are when you give the money, you will never see the person (or your money) again.

Not solving your credit standing with the Israeli Bank

If you are a businessperson, you will want to have your slate clean with the Israeli Bank. That means you should pay your taxes and honor your checks. If you have more than one bank account (one personal and one for business), you will need to monitor them to see they have enough money for your expenses. If one day someone deposits a check in your name, and you can’t cover it, you will be flagged in the Israeli Bank’s registry and this will severely limit your line of credit or capacity to get a loan.

Paying for extra on taxi trips

Well, this might be a less frequent occurrence, but if you don’t know where you are going, and your driver is ill-intentioned, you could end up doing a massive trip around the country. While the money might not be an issue for most people, you can end up with a lot of stress and losing a lot of time ending up somewhere remote and dangerous. This is why we have Melavim that can take you anywhere you need for a fair price, and deal with all bureaucracy.

Missing army duty and being arrested or incurring a fine

Unless you are a man over the age of 28 or a woman over 22 or got express permission to skip army duty, you can’t dodge the draft. That means you will need to at least register yourself at a joint in order to serve (if you end up serving at all). The army is every Israeli’s obligation, and generally, except for Orthodox or Ultra-Orthodox Jews, most of the people end up doing army duty. It’s happened many times that when someone misses a call from the army (and their letters or calls), he may incur either a hefty fine or jail time, although this is rare. So, why not avoid it by doing the right thing?

These are just a few of the problems we hear from Olim Chadashim when making Aliyah. We wish there was an easier way to help people, and founding Paveway is our best shot. So far we’ve been having considerable success with our Olim, so why not let us help you as well? For these problems (and everything else that shouldn’t come), we have solutions ready to make your Aliyah as smooth as possible.

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