Why Make Aliyah: 5 Main Reasons to Take the Big Leap

The Land of Israel is God’s promised gift to the Jewish People

Throughout millennia, our people have been persecuted and dispersed all over the world. It hasn’t always been bad, but most of us lost touch with our homeland and, to a great extent, our life purpose. Added to that, our sages say that there’s no greater desecration of God’s name than when the Jewish people are not living in the Holy Land.

Nowadays, we are blessed to have many comforts, not least which is the fact that Israel is an open country that has been stimulating the entry of Olim. The benefits and gifts the State gives to Olim Chadashim cannot be overstated and so, we’d be remiss if we didn’t give you enough reasons to make Aliyah.

After all, this is Paveway’s mission and we are here to help. Check out some important reasons why you should definitely make Aliyah!

1. It’s your homeland

It doesn’t matter if you are religious or not, or what group you identify yourself with. In the end, the Land of Israel belongs to every Jew and we all feel at home here. Like, really at home! Many people struggle to make things work out, but very few people can say they left the Land and felt happier abroad. This is, after all, our Land and there’s a unique sense of belonging that comes from living here. And the government has been very generous with Olim Chadashim by giving them many gifts, including monthly subsidies, job help, first car discount, first home discount, and a lot more.

2. You will find new work opportunities

Many people might say it’s super difficult to find work or to make ends meet. And, occasionally, there are cases that might have some truth in them. However, this is also a Land where we see miracles firsthand. Sometimes it’s your old uncle you even forgot existed who ends up giving you money, sometimes a friend you just made on the bus tells you he has the very job you were looking for, and sometimes you end up hitting the lottery.

Who knows? It’s also possible you will find that you have an affinity to a field you never knew you had before! Whatever the case may be, this is a Land that tests our Emunah (faith) that somehow or another, things will turn out for the best.

3. You will make new friends

It’s nearly impossible for anyone to make Aliyah and not make any friends. This is because Israel is blessed with an abundance of Olim Chadashim every year that come from all around the world. These are people who are in the same situation as you and understand your feelings. Friends make things a lot easier, and it’s incredibly easy to meet new ones from the Ulpan Hebrew classes, your job, in the synagogue or pretty much anywhere you go.

As we spoke in previous articles, Israelis can be very open and direct, which makes them quite approachable. It’s also more common to invite people to one’s home than in many other countries so, if it suits you, you can always end up having company for Shabbat.

4. You will be close to your spiritual roots

Again, no matter your degree of religiosity or spirituality, Israel holds a special place in every Jew’s heart. When coming here, one instantly feels inspired, reinvigorated, hopeful, and close to God. Many Mitzvot can nowadays only be performed from here. Jews gather together and there’s a sense of mutual respect between us all. The Land of Israel is blessed beyond our comprehension and, while it sometimes takes some effort to make things work, eventually it yields its fruits to the people who come.

5. It’s exciting!

Ok, we admit it. Maybe Aliyah is not for the faint of heart. But that doesn’t mean it’s only pain and suffering. There are many requirements to make Aliyah, but trust us (and other Olim), it’s a wonderful undertaking. Making a project this big is sure to make you grow mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. And this is ultimately for our own good. Many people come here and succeed, way more than those that leave in the end.

So, if you are looking for excitement in life, you are sure to find it by making Aliyah!

We are excited to inform potential Olim to come to Israel. Could you be the next one?

Reach out to us to see our full range of services to help you make Aliyah. We have helped tons of people and would be happy to help you as well!

Do you know any other reasons to make Aliyah? Share it in the comments below!

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